Microsoft’s reluctance to enter the VR market – even as the likes of Valve, Oculus, and Sony continue to make strides in the area – has been a source of frustration for many, and many have wondered when we might finally see Microsoft investing in virtual reality tech. Recently, references spotted to VR in the newly released Xbox peripheral, the Xbox Wireless Headset, sparked the hope that that might finally change soon. It seems, however, that that wasn’t the strong evidence that many had assumed (or hoped) it was.

It seems Microsoft PR provided a statement regarding the Xbox headset story to former Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo, saying that the messages including references to VR were simply a “localization bug”, before reiterating that at this time, VR for Xbox consoles still isn’t a focus for Microsoft. That’s a position that Microsoft has maintained for a while, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that.

It is disappointing, of course, but it seems that, for now, we’re going to have to keep living in a world without Xbox VR. Here’s hoping that changes some day not far from now.