2020 has been a harsh year for a whole lot of factors. At the very the very least, there has been no scarcity of video games this year to attempt and maintain your mind off the world imploding all around us (in spite of some high account delays), as well as people certain are playing them.

On the most up to date Xbox Wire blog site, Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg disclosed the shocking quantity of time that ‘d been put into titles under the Xbox Gamings Studio umbrella. Individuals have put more than 1.6 billion hours of play right into them, making that one of the most ever played amount year-to-date. It’s quite amazing, especially thinking about the year isn’t even over yet and also still have the launch of the Xbox Series X and also Series S next month.

Undoubtedly, a lot of that has been people being required to remain indoors for huge components of the year, but it likewise links right into Microsoft’s changing service design as almost all Xbox Game Studios titles from previous and also present are offered on Video game Pass, making them less complicated to access than ever, as well as the large amount of studios they possess is a contributing variable. With the current purchase of Bethesda, for instance, there is simply a heap to play for any quantity of time.