Game documents have expanded a massive quantity compared to the previous gen, with sizes for sure large titles working out over 100 GBs. With 4K being pressed a lot more in next gen, we can anticipate those dimensions to simply maintain going up. That’s why many are expecting to upgrade the SSD area for both future generation gaming consoles. Well, we might have gotten a rate on what to anticipate, at the very least for the authorities drives, and also you much better prepare yourself to pay.

Twitter user Idle Sloth posted a screenshot of the Xbox Series X branded Seagate 1TB SSD Development, and it’s valued at a whopping $219 While this rate probably appears too high to some, it’s worth maintaining in mind this isn’t a conventional SSD, however a customized made, high speed Nvme one, which is going to be much more expensive.

It’s uncertain where this screen originates from or if the rate is final, so in the meantime this goes in the rumor basket, yet when you begin looking at the costs for Nvme drives in the high-end array, it’s probably not as well far off what to anticipate.