With Sony’s PS5 pre-order mess still on-going, Microsoft appears to be in prime placement to provide with its next-gen gaming consoles. The Xbox Collection S is a big consider this, due to featuring a lot of the very same equipment as the Xbox Collection X at an extra inexpensive price. This has actually resulted in concerns about the memory data transfer and whether the console will ultimately keep back next-gen video gaming.

Speaking to The Edge, Microsoft’s supervisor of Xbox program administration Jason Ronald spoke about scaling games to run on the Xbox Series S. “We did a great deal of evaluation of what it would actually mean to run a game at 4K with 60 fps and after that to scale that to 1440 p at 60 fps. The truth is you don’t require as much memory transmission capacity because you’re not packing the highest level MIP degrees right into memory. You do not need the same amount of memory also.”

The number of techniques that designers can use for downscaling titles is considerable, as Ronald notes.

Though the Xbox One X may have higher TFLOPS than the Xbox Series S, those numbers aren’t comparable taking into consideration the innovation. It also aids that the Xbox Collection S is using its GPU power to strike 1440 p instead than 4K.

Ronald additionally mentions that the Xbox Collection S will be providing features like ray mapping and variable price shading that the Xbox One X can not. “It is actually challenging to contrast raw numbers like teraflops across generations, since we think about them in different ways. Generally on the GPU side the Xbox Collection S is properly the very same performance as an Xbox One X GPU, yet it brings all the next-gen attributes like ray tracing, VRS, mesh shaders, and certainly when you check out the substantial jumps in CPU performance and also I/O efficiency, that’s why Xbox Series S is created to deliver that true next-gen experience just targeting a reduced resolution than Xbox Series X.

” There are additionally opportunities where we can enhance the titles on Xbox Collection S even further than what we can do on Xbox One X. If you consider the raw power of the Xbox Collection S, if a title wishes to enter as well as double its framework rates it’s actually really simple, since we’ve greater than increased the GPU performance and greater than increased the CPU efficiency, so it’s fairly easy for a designer to go in and make it possible for that if they pick to update their title.”

The Xbox Collection S and Xbox Collection X both launch on November 10 th, retailing for $299 and $499 specifically. Pre-orders for both consoles go online tomorrow so stay tuned for even more information on when they become available.