On the official Xbox site in Australia, just the Xbox One S and Xbox Collection X are listed. Press Start after that got verification from EB Gamings and also JB Hi-Fi that they can not purchase more supply for the Xbox One X in the area due to the console being removed from their systems.

A lot more fascinating is that Amazon has actually the console noted as “stopped” (which can be seen for Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S as well as Xbox One S All-Digital Edition too on browsing). A Reddit customer that apparently operates at Target additionally noted that all the common Xbox One SKUs that it brings have actually been discontinued, noting that there will not be any more Xbox One S or Xbox One X consoles. Here’s where things get also weirder.

Dan Tavares, the console company planning lead for Group Xbox replied on Twitter that, “Xbox One S is extremely much still readily available, we simply altered SKU numbers. What about the Xbox One and also Xbox One X?

One possible reason for the discontinuation is the reported expose of Xbox Lockhart, a lower-end option to the Xbox Collection X. It could possibly replace the Xbox One X with the Xbox One S being the new least expensive base version.