Xbox as well as Japan have never ever fairly combined well together. While Microsoft has actually done a lot to court the region, from exclusives that were created to amass the audience or getting top Japanese franchise business to launch on their devices, if anything the business has actually greatly reversed with the Xbox One selling much less than the Xbox360 However, regardless, they are still there and in advance of the Tokyo Game Program 2020, they have actually exposed their most recent mascot.

Via the main Twitter, Xbox Japan introduced the unveiling of the latest mascot. She seems to be holding a Xbox Collection S and also has the same color plan as that console, which makes sense considering the rates and also dimension of the console makes it the most logical to market to Japan.

This isn’t in fact the first time Xbox Japan has made use of an anime-inspired character as their mascot. There’s been numerous mascots for the Xbox brand in the region along with anime characters throughout Asia to advertise different solutions from Web Traveler to Windows.