Microsoft are putting all their eggs in the Xbox Video game Pass basket going forward. With their emphasis currently getting on developing a platform-agnostic environment across multiple devices, one that focuses on Video game Pass as the centerpiece, it’s clear that the solution is mosting likely to be hugely vital to them in the coming years. And also they might have just quietly rebranded the solution to bring it much more according to their stated platform-agnostic nature.

Well, it appears Xbox Game Pass may be going down the “Game Pass”. Over on Twitter, the official Video game Pass page has altered its logo design to one that easy states “Video game Pass” (though it’s worth keeping in mind that the account’s name still has “Xbox” in it).

With Game Pass being offered on gaming consoles, COMPUTER, as well as mobile gadgets, it makes sense that Microsoft might be looking to attract a more clear difference between it and also the equipment it stemmed from, however whether or not this rebranding is main isn’t something they’ v said anything around just.

Recently, Microsoft introduced that xCloud would be pertaining to Video game Come on September. Learn more on that particular with right here.