VR as a modern technology could just have actually managed to take a specific niche audience for itself up until now, yet there’s enough capacity below that its followers wish to see it expand as well as evolve over the years, which would certainly entail it appearing much more widely, across more ecosystems. Xbox has been a holdout from the VR area although its rival, PlayStation, has actually been purchasing the location- however Microsoft might potentially be dabbling the idea after all.

Scarlett, of training course, is the codename that Microsoft offered to the entire next-gen Xbox household internally, while the former does not require much of a description, given that Virtual Reality assistance for the game’s COMPUTER version is currently confirmed.

Of course, even if something is in a game’s files does not indicate there’s any concrete evidence. If nothing else, it does at the very least tell us that VR is in the rear of Microsoft’s mind.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available on PC. It schedules out for gaming consoles too, and also will, according to the developers, be as good on Xbox as it gets on PC.

You can discover more concerning the game, its development, as well as its post-launch strategies through our interview with the designers through here.