It’s hard to believe that we’re roughly three months away from the launch of a new generation of gaming consoles, and also we have yet to see the cost or exact launch date for either Sony’s PS5 or Microsoft’s Xbox Collection X. In Microsoft’s case, there’s still an entirely different console they have yet to unveil, Xbox Series S, which we just understand is real as a result of controller leakages. It’s been a weird year, and an odd advertising and marketing cycle for new systems. Well, it appears much more leakages has lastly allow the cat of the bag as when to anticipate the system.

It seems as the controllers being launched for Xbox Series S and also X are out there in the wild at this moment, as well as the preferred gaming forum ResetERA uploaded a video of a unboxing of said controller (we’ll upload the video clip listed below, yet don’t be surprised if it’s removed depending on when you review this). That, in and of itself, isn’t too newsworthy since we have actually seen the controller in multiple methods already, however what is new is they supplied a picture of the service warranty card. It notes that the controller’s limited warranty lasts until November 5th of2021 While a lot of controllers launched get a 90 day common guarantee, it’s not unusual to see limited 1 year warranties at time of launch so probably these are set to strike racks on the 5th of November.

It’s tough to claim if that will be the launch date for with the Xbox Collection S or Series X, particularly considering that these controllers remain in a special circumstance as they will additionally be in reverse compatible on Xbox One. Considering that they have the Collection S/X branding, they most likely will at the very least launch carefully to the systems themselves, implying even if that’s not the console launch day, they are no more than few weeks in advance.

Mid to late November was possibly most individuals’s guess for when they can anticipate both Sony’s as well as Microsoft’s console, however this appears to be generally confirm that below. If rumors are to be believed, we’ll obtain the main reveal of the Xbox Collection S this month.