In the sixteen years that Wow has been about, not when has Snowstorm’s monstrous MMORPG been offered on a console. If new growths are anything to pass, nonetheless, that may be ready to change.

Lately, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the next growth for the long term MMO, obtained an age rating in Brazil in advance of its launch later this year. Oddly enough, in the age score, alongside COMPUTER, the Xbox Series X was likewise discussed as one of the platforms that the growth would certainly be headed to (found by Gematsu on Twitter). The age rating appears to have been modified ever since to eliminate any type of mention of the Xbox Collection X, however you can see an older screencap of it via the tweet below.

There’s every possibility that this was just an error, so do not take this as confirmation of any kind of sort, but if World of Warcraft does undoubtedly end up making its console debut on Microsoft’s upcoming console, that would certainly be a massive obtain for them.

We’ll keep you updated as this tale creates, so remain tuned.