During the Square Enix Display the other day, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal officially disclosed Black Panther for Wonder’s Avengers He’s part of the upcoming War for Wakanda growth which is out in “Summer and beyond” based on the current roadmap. But where’s Spider-Man, that was announced to be signing up with the roster specifically on PlayStation consoles?

Talking to IGN, Crystal Characteristics workshop head Scot Amos was asked concerning the exact same. Amos confirmed that Spider-Man would not be releasing before Black Panther.

That being stated, Amos reaffirmed that, “There are people dealing with [him] and we still completely expect Spider-Man to find to PlayStation.” When that can be continues to be to be seen.

Wonder’s Avengers introduced last year for Xbox One, PS4, COMPUTER and Google Stadia with the Xbox Series X/S and also PS5 versions only recently becoming available. A brand-new hero, Clint Barton also known as Hawkeye, has likewise been included in addition to brand-new story objectives in Operation: Hawkeye– Future Imperfect Future web content consists of Tachyon Abnormality missions, brand-new War Zones and also a new Villain Market. Stay tuned for even more details in the meanwhile.