In simply a weeks time, we’ll be obtaining Watch Dogs Myriad The third entry outdoors globe title has a great deal of aspiration behind it, as well as like many Ubisoft titles a great deal of web content. The video game will feature co-op too, and also today we got a take a look at how that works in an unusual method.

Ubisoft released an additional live action trailer, in the vein of a class mentor overview, to flaunt some co-op play. It’s a little much less peculiar than the previous one, but still instead strange. Among things revealed is a more conventional goal that goes happily incorrect and afterwards just 2 people bumming around. Not 100% certain if this is the best means to flaunt your co-op, however it’s enjoyable, so examine it out. Do be warned, however, there is a great deal of salted language here so it’s most likely a little bit NSFW.

Watch Dogs Legion will release on October 29 th for most significant systems. For the wide range of setting alternatives for those using PC, you can take a look through below.