A classic RTS is making a comeback with Total War: Rome Remastered. Developed by Feral Interactive and The Creative Assembly, the remaster will include enhanced visuals with 4K support. It releases on April 29th for PC via Steam and retails for $29.99. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Along with optimization for 4K and ultra-widescreen monitor support, the remaster also includes environmental effects like heat haze and dust, re-modeled building and objects, re-textured units and high-resolution campaign maps. Map rotation and wider zoom have been added to the campaign’s camera. While in Battle, a new tactical map and unit displays provide more control over one’s army.

Sixteen previously locked factions are also available, providing a total of 38 factions to play with. A new agent type and the option to sent merchants across the world have also been added. Total War: Rome Remastered includes the base game and the Alexander and Barbarian Invasion DLC along with Rome: Total War Collection. Those who own the original game can pick up the remaster at 50 percent off till May 31st, 4 PM PDT. Stay tuned for more details and gameplay footage in the coming weeks.