Echtra Games is servicing a brand-new activity RPG with NaturalMotion but assistance for Torchlight 3 is much from over. The programmer announced new updates and also spots for the title, starting with a new course. The Cursed Captain acts as a Summoner course and can mobilize ghost pirates to eliminate together with it.

Claimed pirates consist of Riflemen, the First Mate, Cannoneers as well as more with gamers able to regulate them to utilize added abilities or concentrate on a solitary target. The Cursed Captain additionally gets a class-specific tool with the Cannon and also capes as a class-specific shield. Naturally, if you’re keen on playing the Captain without summons, you can simply make use of Doubloons (its combat resource) as ammunition or bring the entire front runner to a battle.

Along with the Cursed Captain, new dyes, animals and fort designs will certainly be coming in the Hair and Fashion agreement upgrade. An alternative to reset one’s instance is likewise inbound, allowing players to farm in a circumstances without having to wait for its timer to reset.

The Cursed Captain is pertaining to Torchlight 3 in Springtime. Remain tuned for even more information on it in the coming days.