The Game Honors developer, manufacturer, and also host Geoff Keighley had actually previously stated that this year’s awards reveal would certainly not be cancelled, which would be continuing with a brand-new plan in place to function around the chaos produced by COVID-19 Now, concrete details have been officially shared concerning what that strategy is.

It’s been validated that The Game Honors will certainly be taking place on Thursday, December 10, later on this year. Remarkably sufficient, the program will certainly be streamed real-time worldwide from three distinction areas- Los Angeles, London, as well as Tokyo. It will be held inside workshops without audiences, while The Video game Celebration will also return, featuring a week of demos, live-streams, material decrease in games and more.

The Video Game Awards 2020 will certainly additionally be presenting a brand-new honors group for brand-new innovation in access, acknowledging designers that’re forging ahead in a proposal to make gaming obtainable to bigger as well as broader audiences through features and developments in both software application and also hardware.

You can additionally anticipate new video game discloses, big news, music performances, as well as much more- all in addition to the awards themselves, naturally.

” The thing that I’m concerned regarding even more than anything is that– there’s so much anticipation for the show– is that we don’t have big video games to introduce to the followers, then that becomes a frustration too,” Geoff Keighley claimed in a meeting with Selection. “So I spoke to all the game business as well as they’re like ‘no, we have actually got great web content to kind of show followers around video games,’ and also they’re truly delighted to reveal that,” he claims.
“We’re still figuring out just how that’s going to function out,” Keighley claims on that issue.

Either way, we’ll be discovering more regarding the candidates, brand-new announcements, and a lot more from The Game Awards in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to GamingBolt for every one of those updates.