The Sims has constantly been a big franchise with a specialized fanbase, but the latest entrance in the series, The Sims 4, has actually taken that to a brand-new level. Since in 2015, the video game had surpassed 30 million players as announced by publisher EA. Due to that the video game has continued to obtain lots of assistance, consisting of some goofy DLC loads as Sims followers expect. Now it’s time to get creepy.

A brand-new DLC has actually been revealed called the Paranormal Stuff Load. The pack includes all kinds of supernatural enhancements such as seances to commune with the dead, a skeleton maid, Paranormal Investigators licenses as well as the capacity to perform cleaning to send your ghostly chums on their method.

The Sims 4 is offered currently on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and also COMPUTER. The Paranormal Things Load will release throughout all systems on January 26 th.