Much like the initial video game, The Last of Us Component 2 will top off its respective generation being something of a technological wonder. From the incredible graphics to the ridiculous level of details that 90% of gamers most likely will not ever before notice, it is truly a technological feat to behold. And what type of work goes into something of this degree? Well, a helluva lot, that a lot is without a doubt.

As assembled by MobyGames, the video game’s comprehensive debt list shows just how many people functioned on the video game. Overall, over 2,000 developers worked on the title in some capability (2,169 to be specific). Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, for circumstances, had nearly 8,000 programmers noted in its credit ratings.

The video game enjoyed the biggest launch of 2020, so more than likely it was quite a success for everybody included I picture. The video game is now available just on the PlayStation 4.