A new trailer for The King of Fighters XV has actually been released and this time around, the focus is on Shun’ ei. Voiced by Takashi Oohara, Shun’ ei is the lead character this time around as well as has some pretty sick moves. Check them out listed below, in addition to some new screenshots.

The trailer additionally includes Kyo Kusanagi who, sadly, does not obtain to reveal his stuff. Expect more character trailers to roll out quickly– the trailer mentions to tune in following week for more information.

The King of Fighters XV is presently slated to release this year, though no platforms have actually been revealed. At the very least, one expect a release for PS4 and also PS5 offered the collection’ history. Gameplay-wise, groups will be rebounding though they’ll supposedly work different from previous video games. Remain tuned for even more details as well as a possible new character trailer following week.