A brand-new entry in The King of Boxers is slated ahead out this year, and SNK has been releasing lots of video clips highlighting the boxers you have actually come to know and also love, and those that you anticipate as well as want to come with any type of new KOF From Terry (fresh off his guest appearance in Smash) to Yuri to Yashiro, the lineup is looking quite loaded. Now we obtain another name fans will certainly recognize.

The most recent reveal video clip was for King. The slickly clothed boxer has constantly been something of a follower preferred as well as has remained in a number of titles in different functions. She’s understood for her dangerous and lengthy reaching kicks, and also the trailer listed below programs that has actually rollovered right here as she releases quite the fierceness on a variety of challengers.

Despite being revealed as coming this year as well as all of these discloses, we currently do not recognize what platforms The King of Boxer 15 will in fact arrive on. We’ll keep you updated for when that news drops.