Despite the fact The King of Fighters 15 has actually been revealed for some time now, it’s in a weird spot as we still don’t have a launch time frame nor platforms. Regardless of that, SNK has actually been introducing numerous characters using videos such as Joe Higashi as well as Kyo Kusanagi. Currently, we have an additional one, a fighter who is returning after a very long lack.

Today we got a trailer introduction for Chizuru Kagura. The character belongs to one of the clans that are said to hold a spiritual artifact that secured the snake monster Orochi years back. Initially introduced in The King of Competitor ’96 as a sub-boss, she was playable in later entries. Her last look in the series was a non-playable sub-boss role in the 2003 access and also has actually not been in playable kind for over 20 years. That implies 15 will be her debut in a 3D title.

The King of Fighters 15 is planned to launch at some point in 2021, however already platforms as well as amount of time are unknown.