Square Enix’s activity RPG The World Ends with You launched for the Nintendo DS in 2007, as well as was met strong universal vital recognition. Though not precisely the author’s most high account property, TWEWY has a strong and committed fanbase that’s been requesting for a sequel for years, though up until now, there hasn’t been much to pin our hopes on aside from some re-releases.

Well, after over a years of waiting, that follow up has finally been introduced. Check out its announcement trailer below- it’s in Japanese, so you could not recognize a lot, yet it reveals plenty of glimpses of gameplay, as well as short introductions of the primary personalities.

NEO: The World Ends with You will certainly launch in Japan for the PS4 and also Nintendo Change in Summer Season2021 It’s not yet known when or if the game will release in the West- and also if it does, whether it will have the same name. Stay tuned for even more updates.