Earlier today, we obtained a supposed hint at what the brand-new workshop from Microsoft, The Initiative, is servicing. If this rumor is to be thought, the studio is working with restoring among Rare’s IP with Perfect Dark It seems, however, that the video game might not be all that acquainted to fans if more elaboration on said rumor is likewise true.

VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, that was the originator of the above stated rumor, required to his main Twitter to clear up some things. Previously he had stated the game might not be precisely Perfect Dark, it might rather just be something set in that world. He has elaborated on that particular more by saying the video game concerned is not really a Perfect Dark game whatsoever, and will just borrow components from that collection. He likened it to Peak Legends as well as its relationship to Titanfall

If you are unknown, Peak Legends practically takes place in the very same cosmos as Respawn’s Titanfall franchise business. Ultimately, there’s little plot relation between the 2, as well as it’s more of a partnership of Peak Legends obtaining things from Titanfall right here and there. The video games are additionally substantially various, so unless you recognized the much deeper lore and also subtleties of Titanfall, you would certainly never ever also understand they were related.

So, whatever this video game is might not even appear like Perfect Dark. In fact, it seems as if it may not even be established in the exact same canon as those video games. The Initiative has been hiring some top ability, so whatever it is, the game will have a lot to live up to, however probabilities are we additionally will not see if for a pair of years yet, either.