While there are precise indications that a future generation variation of Mortal Kombat is well under way at NetherRealm Studios, it seems that the developer might not be fairly done right now with the last entry in the collection, Temporal Kombat 11 The video game released to high sales as well as recognition in 2019, and earlier this year a story-based development was released called Results that likewise added several new personalities. New datamining points to extra material coming and maybe even an additional activity icon signing up with the lineup.

Understood MK dataminer thethiny required to Twitter with their current datamining of MK11 updates and also discovered some fascinating things. First and foremost, it appears the following Kombat Load is labeled as GOTY2. As they mention, the label for Consequences was GOTY, so it’s entirely feasible we would see an additional story-based development for MK11

On the character side, they likewise discovered references to two MK pillars, Mileena and also Rainfall. Both of those have actually been in previous titles, and Mileena also showed up in the new Relationship finisher for a character, to make sure that would certainly not be unusual. There’s a slightly a lot more strange one, however, that turns up under CHAR_RAM. That does not match any recognized MK personality, and also the speculation currently is that it’s John Rambo from the franchise that started with Very First Blood While it appears rather around, remember the video game currently includes visitor ports for The Terminator and Robocop, so including one more action symbol from the ’80 s isn’t that unusual. Results added 2 Mortal Kombat personalities, Sheeva and Fujin, in addition to Robocop as usable personalities, to ensure that would also match the pattern established there. It’s totally possible, however, that it’s simply an unusual acronym for an existing personality or even a brand-new character altogether, though as of now no new character has been presented using DLC for the series.

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath is available currently for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Change, PC and also Stadia. We’ll keep you updated on any kind of new post-launch web content that’ll be announced, though as of now, everything remains rumor and also code.