Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Battle introduces a little over a month from currently, but as is the norm with Call of Obligation games, before that happens, gamers will have the chance to check out its multiplayer element over the course of a beta period.

Some players have already dipped their toes in the water with the current multiplayer alpha that was offered to all PS4 gamers, however according to Treyarch designer Tony Flame, the beta is mosting likely to be a considerable step up over the multiplayer alpha. In a current tweet, Fire wrote that the beta “is rather an upgrade over the alpga”, stating “brand-new features” as well as enhancements to the “core feeling”.

The beta starts for PS4 gamers with pre-orders on October 8 and also for Xbox One and also PC players with pre-orders a week later, on October15 PS4’s open beta will begin on October 12, while the beta will end up being open to all throughout every platforms on October 17, until October 19.

The game’s Zombies setting was recently revealed as well- check that out with here.