Katsuhiro Harada, supervisor and also manufacturer of the Tekken collection, revealed that Tekken 7 has actually sold seven million devices. It comes about six months after its last reported milestone of over six million systems marketed.

Tekken 7 initial launched in 2015 for galleries and would certainly come to Xbox One, PS4 and PC in June2017 Multiple updates as well as added personalities have actually been added over the years including Geese Howard from Fatal Fierceness, Noctis from Last Dream 15 as well as Negan from The Strolling Dead

Presently, the title gets on Period 4 with a brand-new character, Karateka Lidia, now readily available. As the Polish Prime Minister, Lidia battles with some really straightforward yet ruining martial arts. Along with Lidia, the brand-new Island Paradise phase has been added. Stay tuned for more information on Tekken 7 content in the coming days.