IO Interactive has developed a credibility for itself as one of the best designers of stealth gameplay in the market- even more specifically, it’s Hit man’s brand of sandbox, systems-drive, emerging layout that opens up nearly endless options in player selection that the studio has become associated with. Gunman’s not the only point the studio is dealing with however, with Project 007 particularly additionally in the jobs, and numerous have actually wondered what IO Interactive’s take on James Bond is mosting likely to look like.

A number of job listings are presently up on IO Interactive’s site that seem to consist of brief information regarding the direction of the project.

Obviously, previous task ads have additionally recommended that the game is likewise going to have a far more cinematic flair with a bigger focus on storytelling, however it looks like it’s still going to preserve most of Hit man’s toughness.

Interestingly enough, the ad for the placement of AI Developer states that the developer has created a new “reducing side” AI framework. Offered exactly how vital AI remains in IO’s Hitman video games, it needs to be interesting to see what modifications they have executed.

Lastly, the ad for Senior Gameplay Producer additionally mentions that the studio is currently prototyping new systems for shooting gameplay and also melee combat- which definitely makes good sense. Like Gunman is, its flimsy capturing and also melee battle simply wouldn’t cut it in a Bond video game.