The Grand Burglary Car collection has actually been a beast of a franchise ever before because at least Grand Burglary Automobile 3 It’s tough to state what the future of the franchise business is past GTA5 and Online, but a new domain can direct to it.

As found by Reddit user cmputerguy, there is a newly registered domain of a website, and it connects back to Take-Two Interactive. What could this imply? It’s hard to tell. The majority of the info we understand appears to indicate a possibility Grand Theft Automobile 6 being a long ways off. Could we be getting some sort of Vice City– themed expansion to Grand Theft Vehicle Online? We understand more material is pertaining to the on-line component of the game, consisting of unique product for future generation gaming consoles.

Only time will certainly inform. For the time being, for your GTA repair, you’ll have to be content with Grand Burglary Automobile 5 and Online on PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as PC.