Nintendo’s Switch system has actually currently been on the market just over 4 years, and also has actually been an enormous success for the company up and down. There has actually also been rumors drifting around for the much better part of a year now of a new variation of the Change, not truly a full follower as much as an updated variation of the current equipment.

Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki released a brand-new report on this Change Pro. It greatly lines up with previous rumors that we have actually been listening to, specifically that the video game will have 4K output while docked as well as an OLED display.

As always with reports such as this, we need to note them as reports, however Bloomberg and also Mochizuki have been trusted in the past as well as he was really the first to leak the Switch Lite, Nintendo’s handheld-only alteration of the equipment. Now it seems like there’s a lot of smoke around this Switch over Pro, or whatever it’ll be called, for their not to be any fire and Nintendo has actually constantly been understood to do several upgrades to their handhelds. The wait is on for something authorities now.