When E3 2020 was terminated, basically every author except Bethesda introduced a digital replacement. QuakeCon in the house 2020 was validated yet the recently launched routine had no mention of Starfield or The Senior Scrolls 6 Maybe the business would still go down some information on either at a few other point?

Perhaps yet it won’t be this year according to Pete Hines, Bethesda’s SVP of advertising and marketing as well as PR. It seems that Starfield information will certainly be coming next year, which implies 2020 is a laundry.

Though Starfield is implied to launch prior to The Senior Scrolls 6, there’s been little to no information on it. It’s a sci-fi role-playing game as well as Bethesda Video game Studios’ initial new IP in years and years.

As always, remain tuned for more information– it’s going to be along wait.