For a great while now we’ve been listening to about Starfield, a new IP from Bethesda with whole lots of guarantees of being their following epic RPG to stand along with Results and Senior Citizen Scrolls

Twitter individual JJ&M rOrange uncovered a LinkIn web page for an Eric Braun, that serviced Starfield according to his return to as an Elderly Developer. As you can see below, in his description he claims he help to revise the computer animation system for the video game “from scratch.”

This actually matches up with declaration from Todd Howard that said the game would certainly feature a major engine rewrite. To play the cynic, we have actually heard points of that nature from Bethesda prior to and also, well, I think of if you recognize their games you know the rest. Of course, that understands at the end of the day. As it stands we have no time frame nor systems for Starfield, though taking into consideration recent occasions I doubt it’ll wind up being a timed special for the PS5 like was apparently the plan.