While the Virtual Reality tech has not quite got to the elevations some may have really hoped, it is still evolving as well as some firms have a vested interest in aiding it get to where it requires to be. Among those is Facebook with their Oculus headsets, and today they introduced 2 big names pertaining to reinforce their collection.

As introduced in their Facebook Connect event earlier today, a Virtual Reality video game in both the Assassin’s Creed collection in addition to a brand-new Splinter Cell will involve Oculus gadgets. While Assassin’s Creed is an energetic franchise obviously, this will certainly be the very first solo Splinter Cell title in fairly time since Blacklist back in 2013.

No details were offered about the games, also what time frame to expect them in, however we’ll more than likely discover more about both as it obtains closer to launch. Probabilities are we probably need to not anticipate typical experiences from either and also more those tailored to Virtual Reality. We’ll keep you updated as even more info becomes available.