If you’ve played the initial Spelunky, it needs to come as not a surprise that Spelunky 2 is difficult. Nevertheless, the first game was commended for relieving gamers in, ramping the difficulty up in a manner that felt right. With Mossmouth’s follow up, it feels like the initial area, Home, is a lot harder than it ought to be.

Maker Derek Yu acknowledged this and also in a brand-new post on Heavy steam, he discussed adjustments that are being tested. These impact the “generate rates of adversaries and catches, particularly in 1-1 and also 1-2.” World 1-4 is likewise seeing some modifications to make it “a lot more fascinating” and also players can expect these changes in a future patch. Yu likewise noted that as opposed to trying to eliminate whatever in Dwelling, it’s much better for gamers to either avoid them, “let them eliminate each other or activate traps for you.”

Yu also resolved a problem that some had for a section in Volcana. “In general, we have to be somewhat careful about how we go about transforming the game based on player feedback.

Spelunky 2 is presently available for PS4 and PC. You can learn more concerning it in our review here.