In all likelihood, we will finally recognize the concrete cost and launch date of the PS5 a few hours from currently (or two we wish), with the PS5 Display going real-time later today. Prior to that, nevertheless, a merchant listing might have clued us right into what to anticipate.

As identified by AllGamesDelta on Twitter, Spanish merchant El Corte Inglés, which is just one of the greatest sellers in Spain, could have noted the rates of the console. Based on images of shop’s interior database, two listings for unnamed consoles have increased with rates of EUR499 and also EUR399, more than likely referring to the PS5 as well as its digital edition respectively.

Certainly, given the reality that the gaming consoles’ names aren’t discussed, there’s no guarantees that this listing is accurate, while it’s additionally worth stating that these may very well be the placeholder costs. That stated, most recent records have said that $399 and also $499 are the rates the PS5 will be introducing for (as well as rates in bucks as well as euros usually align).

Especially, one more recent record by industry expert Masahiro Wakasugi recommended that the PS5 could even be valued at $449 Find out more on that particular via right here.

Naturally, this isn’t official by any means, so take this with a grain of salt for now. Ideally, Sony will have announced the prices themselves later on today, so stay tuned for that details.