Previously today we got one of the biggest, sector changing announcements in some time: Microsoft acquiring Bethesda in full.

Commenting on Twitter, Kinda Funny’s Imran Khan affirmed that the news was interesting for a lot of noticeable reasons, yet among those was that Sony was obviously in talks with Bethesda simply a couple of months ago regarding an unique deal for their fabled Starfield If you don’t remember, Starfield is the name of a brand-new sci-fi RPG that the business has been hyping for time as their brand-new huge landmark IP.

It’s definitely intriguing, because Sony had currently snatched up timed special deals for 2 other Bethesda titles, Deathloop as well as GhostWire: Tokyo, both of which were showcased at the PS5 expose event in June. Between that and these prospective discuss Starfield, it makes one amazed at exactly how swiftly a media landscape can alter.