Sony verified a long period of time back that the PS5 would certainly sustain PSVR, however though they have actually made it clear that they have no objective to stop buying online truth technology, they have actually additionally explicitly specified that they do not see any kind of factor to make a brand-new headset to go along with the PS5’s release for the coming few years.

That claimed, it appears deal with a new Virtual Reality headset is currently underway at Sony, with a new job listing (identified by Upload Virtual Reality) discussing that job has begun on a next-gen VR headset. It deserves noting that the listing is posted by Sony Corp, as well as not simply their PlayStation department, so it’s feasible that it’s not especially a PSVR headset that this listing is referring to. At the same time, the listing likewise mentions that the Virtual Reality headset is being made with “a view to five years from currently”, so whatever this is, it will probably be a while prior to we see or hear anything concrete regarding this.

If it is undoubtedly a brand-new PSVR headset, with any luck, Sony will be making some considerable renovations- and also with the time and sources they have actually put into the VR room, it’s most likely that they will certainly do that. Patents over the months have actually recommended that they’re checking out a cordless headset and also enhanced controllers, so right here’s wishing.