SIE London Studio provided one of PSVR’s finest games to date in 2019 with their cinematic initial person shooter Blood and Truth, as well as given how good that game was, it’s not a surprise that there are numerous that are acutely waiting to hear something about what their following job is going to be. According to co-studio head Tara Saunders, it’s evidently mosting likely to be a large one.

Talking in a meeting that was lately published on the designer’s official web site, the freshly minted co-studio head talked about the worth that SIE London Studio positions on healthy and balanced work methods, and also just how that’s balanced with game development, before including that the game they are working with right now has “substantial capacity.”

” I want us to dream huge as well as know our complete capacity … but at the very same time make sure that there is a genuine focus on honest and lasting game growth techniques,” Saunders claimed. “We have very solid values in position that imply we should be keeping in mind the relevance of inclusivity, equilibrium and team spirit on a day to day basis. Our following job has SIGNIFICANT potential and also we intend to leverage that to the max by encouraging the group to grow as well as deliver a top-notch video game!”

One would presume that whatever their next video game is, it’s going to be VR-related. The developer has stated in the past that it wants to maintain spending in digital fact, while Sony additionally recently announced that they’re working on a next-gen VR headset for the PS5.

It’s probably mosting likely to be a while before we hear anything concerning the game though, so all we can do at this point is delay. Recent job ads posted by the workshop have recommended that their following game will certainly have an on the internet element. Stay tuned, as well as we’ll keep you upgraded on any kind of new details that comes our means.