Rocksteady have been dead silent regarding their next project for a very long time currently, and also with Batman: Arkham Knight now moring than 5 years old, the wait for the British studio’s next video game has ended up being significantly excruciating as time has actually passed. Well, we’re still going to have to keep waiting for a couple much more years, yet at least now we understand that they’re working with Suicide Team: Eliminate the Justice Organization

There’s plenty yet that we don’t understand about the game– we have not also seen any gameplay yet, with its disclose trailer having been a CG one– however there are some information that imaginative director as well as Rocksteady employer Sefton Hillside exposed during the DC FanDome panel where the video game was introduced. One of those details is the reality that the video game is going to be set in the very same universe as the Arkham series, and acting on Arkham Knight, will certainly proceed and fix numerous of its narrative strings.

” This is a continuation of the Arkhamverse, so a lot of the threads and storylines you’re going to see involved fulfillment in this video game,” Hillside claimed.

The effects of that are mosting likely to be interesting. With the titular Suicide Squad clearly taking on the also titular Justice League, and also with the latter’s leader Superman having– for whatever reason– gone rogue, exactly how that Batman ties right into all of that, specifically given just how Arkham Knight finished, will interest see.

Meanwhile, WB Gamings Montreal’s Gotham Knights was additionally recently announced, and also though its trailer (as well as the aforementioned Arkham Knight’s ending) could have given the impact that it is likewise embeded in the Arkhamverse, the developers have confirmed that isn’t the case.

Suicide Team: Eliminate the Justice Organization will release for PS5, Xbox Collection X, and PC in 2022.

Rocksteady have actually recently gone to the facility of a conflict, with claims of harassment from staff members recently emerging, resulting in a former writer on the video game requesting her name to be taken off its debts. Rocksteady have since responded to those claims- you can read more on that through here.