London is in all manner of chaos in Ubisoft’s Watch Pets: Legion No Day, which can be seen in the most current trailer.

Zero Day communicates via drone projections, large displays as well as what have you, and mentioning the downfall of London. So in addition to resisting against Albion and Mary Kelley’s criminal syndicate, DedSec has to manage Zero Day and also decipher its plan. Different various other teases can be seen in the trailer so if you’re going in spoiler-free, it’s possibly best to prevent it.

Watch Pets: Legion is out on October 29 th for Xbox One, PS4, COMPUTER and Google Stadia. It shows up for Xbox Series X/S on November 10 th and PS5 on November 12 th with assistance for 4K and also ray-tracing. Keep tuned for more details quickly particularly with numerous sneak peeks becoming available.