With Ubisoft’s Watch Pets: Legion out later on this month for current-gen consoles, it’s a good time for even more detailed details and previews. Luckily, together with an official demo walkthrough from Ubisoft, different publications like Game Informer and also Windows Central have released their very own previews. Check them out listed below.

The video footage showcases the core gameplay loophole of Watch Dogs: Myriad You’ll satisfy various NPCs throughout London and also, if you like their skillsets, can recruit them right into DedSec. This involves completing a recruitment mission and also when successful, your resistance cell will certainly grow even more.

Watch Pet Dogs: Legion is out on October 29 th for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia while Xbox Collection X/S obtains it on November 10 th and PS5 on November 12 th. Together with a new tale trailer, Ubisoft has also laid out post-launch web content. This includes four-player co-op, PvP modes like Spider-Bot Field and also Hero Characters, including a member of the Brotherhood of Assassins.