Later on this year, we’re due to get Scarlet Nexus The development team has done a great task in bringing updates to the game, and now we have a brand-new dev journal highlighting a crucial gamer in the narrative.

In the fourth Dev Diary, Director Kenji Anabuki highlighted the OSF (Others Suppression Pressure), the company that fights the mysterious Others, the major enemy of the video game they have actually launched some lore of in the past. One point that Anabuki discloses is that their powers are at their toughest when they are more youthful, leading to some older participants using anti-age medicines to reduce their all-natural aging process and hold on to their peak powers for as long as feasible. There is an elite team of 7 members within the company as well, which members make every effort to one day be part of.

Scarlet Nexus is scheduled to launch this Summer for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One as well as PC.