Elden Ring wasn’t present at Tokyo Game Program 2020 Online however Bandai Namco did offer new details on Scarlet Nexus It launched a brand-new tale trailer about Yuito Sumeragi and also revealed the second lead character– Kasane Randall, a new recruit who additionally uses psychokinesis.

Scarlet Nexus has a “double protagonist” tale divided right into separate quantities. Bandai Namco additionally disclosed some new gameplay with Yuito and two squadmates as they fight the Others– check it out below from 1: 20: 00 onwards.

Scarlet Nexus is pertaining to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and also PC. It happens in a “Mind Punk” future where mutants called the Others have actually gotten here to consume people’s brains (no, truly). Only the OSF, which possesses psychic powers, can beat them. A launch is still to be introduced.