Turning point’s bike auto racing sim RIDE 4 will be involving PC and also current-gen gaming consoles in much less than a month from now, however like most various other upcoming computer game, it’ll also be launching on next-gen gaming consoles. In a recently published update on the PlayStation Blog site, Turning point producer Luigi Crocetta validated that TRIP 4 will be releasing on the PS5 on January 21, 2020, and likewise outlined just how the video game will leverage the console’s brand-new equipment capacities.

For beginners, the game will certainly run at 60 structures per second on the PS5, which it will certainly be doing at a resolution of “up to” 4K (the phrasing of that could recommend that it’ll be a dynamic resolution). RIDE 4 will certainly likewise utilize the PS5’s SSD for not just “significantly reduced” filling times, but additionally “a much better gameplay experience”, with Crocetta writing, “The SSD will make it possible for faster streaming of structures, enabling us to better immerse gamers in our atmospheres while they roar around tracks at 300 km/h.”

“Gas and also brake bars will certainly have their own resistance to transmit the very same experiences as their real-life counterparts,” Crocetta described.

RIDE 4 will certainly be launching for PS4, Xbox One, and COMPUTER on October 8.