With several PS5 titles either being postponed to later on this year or pushed to 2022, Housemarque’s Returnal will offer as the next large unique for Sony’s console. A new overview trailer debuted at yesterday’s State of Play however game supervisor Harry Krueger as well as narrative director Gregory Louden talked to GameSpot and fleshed out some of the details.

It seems that Selene can locate audio logs from alternating variations of herself. In one such log, she explains killing a version of herself that was hostile, though she’s unclear whether it was the world playing methods or an additional Selene. An additional point to note is the odd house seen in the demo. As per Housemarque, such hallucinations as well as narrative occasions are arbitrary on each run. Naturally, as you venture with the house, you’ll come to discover more concerning Selene’s past.

While each run will happen within handmade degrees, the surrounding environment, opponent positions and so on will certainly be randomized. Moreover, upon getting rid of various biomes, it’s possible to travel between them from the start. You’ll need to do a great deal more to unwind the video game’s entire story.

Returnal is out on April 30 th for PS5. Check out the different biomes of Atropos and also exactly how they can move below.