Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 76 has actually made a pretty good turnaround because launch. This isn’t always tough given the dumpster fire that was its first year of launch but the area at the very least appears pleased with how Wastelanders ended up. Nonetheless, what’s going on with mod support?

Exclusive servers/worlds were added with Results 1st however mod assistance is no place to be seen. The good news is, job lead Jeff Gardiner cleared the air at a current Q&A for Quakecon at Home using Twitch. He said that “We are most definitely still servicing mod assistance, it’s coming.”

Including mod assistance is harder in this instance as a result of the game’s client-server architecture. “We call it the heavy lift. Implying we’ve had to place a lot of sources into that … it’s not simply drag-and-drop from the previous video games because of the means our client-server style works. It is coming, we’re functioning on it … simply stay tuned.”

There’s likewise the concern of just how mods will be dispersed and/or generated income from. Bethesda previously noted that mods would certainly be readily available on personal web servers yet the last is gated behind After Effects 1st, a subscription solution. How this will be handled continues to be to be seen but the advancement studio has yet to outright confess that Results 1st will be required for mods. In the meanwhile, stay tuned for even more information.