There’s no question the excellent nature of the Xbox Series X and Series S’ outstanding backwards compatibility features. In addition to hundreds of games from throughout four generations being usable on both consoles, the next-gen duo likewise does things at a system degree that permits it to enhance older video games in new methods, from greater frame prices to also often including HDR to video games that really did not initially have it.

Lately, Microsoft revealed a quick clip that concentrates on the fire. In a short “tech trial” submitted by Microsoft, they showed a side-by-side comparison for After Effects 4. Bethesda’s open world RPG typically strikes 30 FPS on current-gen consoles, but on the Xbox Collection S, its performance is doubled, and increased to 60 FPS. Take a look listed below.

Recently, we learned that Xbox Series S will not support Xbox One X enhancements in backwards suitable video games, however will certainly have improvements of its own (such as the ones pointed out above). Read more on that particular through here.