Capcom recently stated that the proceeded consistent sales of the Homeowner Evil 3 remake, released earlier this year, drove the company to record Q2 profits in the existing fiscal year, however exactly what does that mean for the video game’s sales?

In their financial discussion, Capcom disclosed the updated sales numbers for the game, disclosing that as of September 30, within 6 months of its launch, Citizen Wickedness 3 has gone across 3 million units in sales, up from 2.7 million units 3 months ago.

Those are strong numbers, specifically provided the video game’s fairly soft critical reception- though the remake is still falling significantly except the pace at which various other current Citizen Evil games have actually marketed. For instance, finally count, Citizen Wickedness 7’s sales stood at 7.9 million units, while Local Evil 2’s sales were at 7.2 million devices.

Capcom, nonetheless, have actually been flawlessly pleased with the speed at which Local Evil 3 has been selling, having said earlier this year that it’s sales are more or less matching interior expectations.

Citizen Evil 3 is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and also PC, and it’s possible that the game can be headed to the Nintendo Switch over as a cloud-exclusive release. Learn more on that with right here.