Double Damage Games’ Rebel Galaxy Hooligan is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 as well as Steam. The open world room shooter is noteworthy for being exclusive to the Epic Games Store when it launched last year.

As a follow-up of types to Rebel Galaxy, Rebel Galaxy Criminal has to do with Juno Markev and also her pursuit to hound an awesome. Juno has to make her means via the Dodge Market, which contains about 40 various systems, and also engage with various other NPCs to complete her quest. Gamers can choose to take on mercenary work, become a pirate or something in between while disregarding the story entirely.

There’s a heap to do in the game, from playing pool to signing up with guilds and purchasing a spaceport station. You can likewise just cruise through space and also listen to more than 21 hours of music throughout seven radio stations. Naturally, you’ll have lots of alternatives to upgrade your spacecraf. Remain tuned for even more information when the game launches later on this month.