TeamKill Media’s upcoming planetary horror very first individual shooter Quantum Mistake has actually resembled an appealing job ever since it was initially announced, as well as brand-new we have actually now obtained a chunk of brand-new gameplay video footage to place under the microscopic lense. The video game’s mosting likely to be features at the Future Gamings Display later today, yet in advance of that, we got to see a tease previously this month. An expanded version of that tease, with over four minutes of gameplay video footage, has currently been launched.

The video reveals off the selection in weapons in the game, several various kinds of opponents that you’ll be taking on, and a lot more. There’s a couple of secs revealing vehicle driving, while it additionally looks like players will have the option to switch to third individual over-the-shoulder view- whether that’s limited to just particular weapons or something that you can do at any kind of time is vague right now.

Quantum Error is in development for PS5, PS4, and Xbox Collection X/S (as well as a PC version may follow down the line as well). The game is likely to release some time in 2021, but does not yet have a certain launch date.