Of the three system owners, Sony is the one who went the hardest right into the arising Virtual Reality room with their PSVR headset. Titles are still sustaining the headset ( Hitman 3, for instance), Sony has actually been quiet concerning what the future holds for VR.

As reported by Twitter customer Lumen, apparently there has been code discovered in the PS Remote play application that suggests some kind of remote play between the PS5 as well as the PSVR 2 (or whatever it’ll be called). The phrase “Can’t use a microphone with Remote Play when the Virtual Reality headset is activated” was found. As he likewise discusses, this would actually only make sense for the future headset since the existing PSVR is wired and also the PS5 will certainly have Wi-Fi 6 abilities for smoother connection. Naturally, take this with a grain of salt considering this can be remaining code or be referring to another thing completely.

Sony hasn’t claimed much about their next step in the VR scape, only that they intend to make innovations. VR still continues to be a fairly specific niche tech, as well as it’s still not quite clear if it’ll have a considerable future in gaming or not, even as the likes of Facebook as well as Steam has actually tried pressing it with differing levels of success. At the minimum, I visualize it’s most likely Sony will certainly try to go cordless, which will be interesting to see.