Amidst the various shortcomings that the PS5 deals with, like the lack of variable refresh price assistance, it appears that its HDMI 2.1 may additionally have some problems. HDTVTest’s Vincent Teoh noted on YouTube that when examining the Xbox Series X with an LG CX 48 inch TELEVISION, it took care of to outcome a transmission capacity of approximately 40 GB/s. The PS5 is restricted to simply 32 GB/s.

This indicates that when playing certain titles at 120 Hz, there will be a button to 4:2:2 chroma subsampling rather than a consistent 4:4:4 on Xbox Series X. Surprisingly, the PS5 leads the curve when it comes to its signaling approach, which is Fixed Rate Web Link, while the Xbox Collection X defaults to Shift Minimized Differential Signaling. Playing games at 4K/60 FPS is still possible on the latter though.

It’s additionally early days yet for prevalent HDMI 2.1 adoption yet this is worth maintaining in mind when pursuing 4K video gaming in the future, also if the difference in transmission capacity isn’t a substantial problem. In the meantime, examine out our evaluations for the Xbox Collection X as well as PS5 to learn much more.